Frozen Margarita Recipe

It’s a best homemade margarita you will ever have! It’s got citrusy zing with smooth and subtle agave flavor of Reposado tequila. Salted rim makes wonders to its palatability.

Frozen Margarita

Preparation Time: 3 minutes
Serves: 1 serving
Glassware: Cocktail glass
1½ oz (45 ml) Reposado Tequila
3/4 oz (23 ml) Cointreau
3/4 oz (23 ml) Lime Juice
1/2 oz (15 ml) Simple Syrup
1 Lime Wheel
Coarsely Ground Sea Salt
Crushed Ice


  1. Wet the outer rim of glass by running lime wedge around it. Dip the glass’ rim in sea salt spread on the flat plate.
  2. Blend first four ingredients with 1-12 oz-scoop of crushed ice until slushy.
  3. Transfer it to serving glass and rest lime wheel on the rim. Serve with a straw.

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